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Social Event

28/09/2022 Excursion begin 11:30

12:00 Guided tour to THE OLD CASTLE OF PENZLIN


(reprinted from Burg Penzlin / Home (

The Old Castle of Penzlin attracts thousands of visitors to its centuries-old walls every year.

Guests are particularly impressed by the Knights' Hall with its Gothic cross vault and the Black Kitchen with a 12-meter-high chimney. The museum of everyday magic and witch hunts in Mecklenburg

Mecklenburg recorded an above-average number of witch trials, with nearly 4,000 cases. The museum in the Old Castle of Penzlin with its torture cellar, witch dungeon and a permanent exhibition is dedicated to the historical phenomenon of everyday magic as well as witchcraft and its legal persecution in Mecklenburg in the early modern period. Special emphasis is placed on the cultural-historical significance of the subject in its political, literary and art-historical afterlife.



(reprinted from Seite nicht gefunden: Schliemann Museum (

This year marks the bicentenary of the birth of the important Mecklenburg merchant, archaeologist and cosmopolite Heinrich Schliemann. Even after 200 years, his life provides sufficient material for a wide variety of research approaches.

Controversial discussions are still taking place, perspectives are being changed, and connections are being reestablished, because Schliemann not only polarized the professional world during his lifetime. He also operated a consistent and, above all, successful press and public relations campaign.

Although Schliemann was interested in the past, he was equally forward-looking in his actions and open to new ideas. And the controversy over the appreciation of his achievements as an archaeologist continues in the present.